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Hi and thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Natalie Nichols and I'm the Founder and CEO of Media Honey. I'm so excited to be able to offer you services and solutions for people in the health, wellness and creative pursuits. 


Let me tell you why? 


You see, I've always been a creative at heart but I had a detour through high-end corporate and government for too many years. During that time, I managed and ran many successful projects and companies, including founding a couple of my own—the first at age 21. I was responsible for budgets exceeding $50M and teams of staff of over 100 people—predominately in the technology sector. 


A few years back, I listened to my heart and wrote a book, and then another and another in my spare time, while still doing the corporate thing. I now have 8 published and more in the pipeline. During this process I realised I loved working in the creative area. It felt great when people said to me what I'd written had really made them happy or even in a few cases "changed their life."  There's no better feeling for a creative or person working in the health and wellness arenas, than hearing their work has made a difference. 


This was where the idea for Media Honey came into play. I wanted to put my years of hardcore business and technology experience and skills to use to help other people who are creatives or in the business of helping people lead a better, happier and more fulfilled life. I wanted to help these people better deliver their positive products and services.


I wanted to be in the happiness game rather than on the corporate treadmill because this is truly where my passion and heart lies.


I also realised, to be successful I was going to need to hone my digital marketing skills. The university marketing degree I had from years ago, was just not going to cut it, today. I needed to know the latest information and digital marketing practices in order to be successful.  


Enter DigitalMarketer—the world's leading digital education, research, and training organisation for digital marketing.


With DigitalMarketer I found the "well of knowledge" I'd been looking for. I honed and updated my skills with their extensive and in-depth courses and I went on to become a Certifed Partner. The great thing about working with DigitalMarketer is I have access to a large team of people whose sole job is to figure out what are the current best practices in the world of digital marketing. My own digital marketing lab, which I'm so excited to be able to share with you. 



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